The first time George and Sam met Buddy, we were concerned how the three would get along. George had a word with Buddy, just to let him know who was boss and from then they got on like a house on fire. The Three Amigos were born.

Everybody needs someone to lean on and Buddy was no exception. He looked up to Big G who didn't always set him the best example!!

Buddy and Sam were special friends, they enjoyed nothing better than each other's company and to stroll together around the garden, no doubt discussing what mischief George had been up to that day.

The trio provided endless photo opportunities, Buddy playing it for real as he leaned into George down the slippery slope.

Three good sports, no back seat drivers these. The best car alarm you could buy.

This party was bags of fun, but we all know who was going to get any presents that were going

The reds versus the whites, think Buddy was well outnumbered.

When George was in superman mode, Sam & Buddy just closed their eyes and prayed.