When Buddy sadly left us, there came a new kid on the block, young Bertie. Three in a bed, and the little one had plenty to say!

Sam was far from impressed with the youngster, he wasn't quite sure what Bertie was, but he most certainly wasn't his friend Buddy.

We thought Big George wouldn't take to a puppy and that it would be Sam who'd look after the little one. We were totally wrong, George became a wonderful uncle to the young Bert.

Little and large. Bertie may have been small in size, but he had George where he wanted him.

Two ASBO's, George taught the young Bertie what he knew, fortunately Bertie never perfected all George's moves or the ability to fly.

Smart dressed men, George & Sam sport their dickie bows whilst Bertie is all tied up!

George obliged Bertie, by having a paddle with him, but Sam declined.

A trip to the seaside for George, Sam & Bertie, and what better for a young boy than to go on the sands with his bucket and spade.