1981 - 1995


baby holly

Our love affair with cavaliers began with Holly. She was born on 1st January, 1981, her arrival along with her five brothers and sisters apparently disturbing a New Year's Eve party in full swing.

She quickly settled into our home and became a loving companion. She was happy to go anywhere, as long as we were there too. She would follow you around the house like a shadow, and as soon as you sat down she was there beside you. Wherever we went, she wanted to be there too.

holly blenheimOne of our many happy memories of Holly, was when we took her to Blenheim Palace at that time dogs were allowed in the gardens. She got such a lot of attention from the visitors who had seen the blenheim spaniels in the pictures in the house. She posed for the picture on the right, as though it was her birthright as a blenheim spaniel to be there.

When she was ten years old she had the first of her two strokes, we thought it was the beginning of the end, but Holly was not going to give up on life that easily. She recovered from both and went on for almost four more years.

holly seasideBy the time she reached her fourteenth birthday she was frail. Her heart was very bad, she was totally deaf and becoming incontinent. We took the hard decision that it was time to let her go whilst she still had the dignity she had always shown. She was ever there for us, wagging in the good times, snuggling up in the bad, so although it was heartbreaking we weren't about to leave her when she needed us most. We stroked and comforted her as the vet sent her to the Rainbow Bridge. She was buried in the garden where she loved to play, surrounded by daffodils. Like the tree after which she was named, she could be prickly, but also like the Holly, she was always there, evergreen .......