1989 - 1999


baby rosieLittle Rosie came to us in 1989. She was the prettiest little pup, but we soon realised she was not the contented little dog Holly had been. She always wore a worried expression and seemed unused to people and a family environment. She wasn't happy going out even for walk, always preferring to be in the house or garden.

Things were very difficult at first as Holly thought nothing of the newcomer and even refused to eat in the same room. In time however, whilst it wasn't love on Holly's part they came to a mutual understanding.

rosie doorway

Rosie became a hearing dog for Holly who by now was totally deaf. She looked to Rosie to tell her when someone came to the door or when dinner bowls were being filled. She was a very beautiful dog, with a personality to match, she was sweet, gentle and didn't have a nasty bone in her body. In 1992 we were so proud of her when she won the British Coal Fireside Pet Competition

rosie garden Rosie wasn't a very healthy dog, always at the vet and we knew she had a low grade heart murmur. In September, 1999, she wasn't well and went off her food, several visits to the vet over the next four days for x-rays and blood tests revealed she had an enlarged heart and her liver and kidneys were failing. We all tried so hard to give her the will to fight, but to no avail and she passed away in her dad's arms at home where she was always happiest.

She too was buried under the oak tree, close to Holly. It was a day when one minute the sun is shining and the next it is raining. After Rosie had been laid to rest, a beautiful rainbow appeared over the garden as if it had come to take our lovely girl to the Rainbow Bridge where she would be happy and well once more.