In spring 2009 George sadly left us, and come September Jamie came to live with us. He was one year old, and used to living with other boys so fitted in very well.

Bertie at last had a young companion and he and Jamie would chase around the garden leaving the ageing Sam a little bemused.

In the dog house together? No they found this Wendy House when on holiday in Somerset, and thought it just the job.

How do you reckon the conversation went? "What are you pondering over Jamie"? "Go fish Bertie!"

He ain't heavy, he's my brother. How Jamie loved snuggling up to Sam.

Sam had at last come out from George's shadow to be top dog, sadly he and Jamie only had one summer together, but it was a happy summer for them both .....

..... and in his autumn years, Sam found a special friend in Jamie - they got on so well, Jamie was gentle with the ageing Sam ......

..... but far from gentle with Bertie, they played and chased and rough and tumbled. Little did we know it was young Bertie's last winter.