Tale 13 - Up For The Cup
team tufty
The CKCS Football Team Tufty have made a new international signing, Blenheim Buddy from Bonnie Scotland.
With Mr Sam Tufty himself the fastest striker in the game and Goalie George - nothing gets past him, the signing of Buddy (of "bend it like Buddy" fame) makes them the hot favourites for the Cup, plate or anything else they can feed from.
Make no bones about it, these boys are hungry for a win.

Tale 14 - Breaking News

Headline news today - the police are looking for a bread and butter thief. The cunning villain carried out a daring raid, helping himself to bread rolls and butter that had been left unattended on a table.
The thief is described as being tall, of muscular build, with black hair and a tanned face. The thief is also thought to have made off with a pair of gold rimmed spectacles........

b&b thief

Tale 15 - Driving Lessons
One sunny afternoon, George and Sam decided it was time they both learnt to drive.
Sam has ambitions to be a “show-fur” – Driving Miss Ellie is just the role for him.
Big George however is aiming for higher things – he wants his own “Fur-ari” or even Rolls (as long as it’s covered in butter).
With the map at the ready and a tank full of gas, George is all set to release the paw-brake and burn some rubber – if only his feet could reach the pedals!!

Tale 16 - Three Men Went to Mow

George, Sam and Buddy have teamed up in a new venture, garden maintenance.
The three are expert at wee’ding, watering, apple picking, soil removal and garden re-design.
George – not one to let the grass grow under his feet – decides he’ll drive the tractor. Sam and Buddy suspecting George may leave a trail-er destruction behind him, decide to hedge their bets and bail out whilst they still can.
Will their new business bear fruit? It all remains to be scene……………

three men

Tale 17 - Saucerer's Apprentice
George & Sam had a devilish time at Halloween.
They had a spell at the table, George hoped for something to mysteriously fill his saucer, whilst Sam got tired under the weight of being the Saucerer’s Apprentice, and learning table manners.
George tried the trick of looking appealing, in the hope of getting himself a treat – but no one was falling for that old black and tan magic.
Never mind boys, you’ll have to think up another wizard idea for next year.

Tale 18 - Buddy's Birthday Bash

Invited to Buddy’s belated birthday bash, George and Sam thought they were in for a treat.
The table was set and the boys donned their party hats and bibs, and waited for the jelly and cake to arrive.
Bored with waiting for a round of Happy Birthday, Bud decided to sing it himself, much to the disgust of his guests who turned a deaf ear to his rendition.
Sam thought the pig was tough, and Bud's chicken was legless, so all decided to drink the beer and make merry. Happy Birthday Bud……..