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Tale 19 - Squirreling it Away


Deep in the Galloway Forest, George and Sam were doing a bit of wildlife spotting.
They’d seen a jay walking and a peckish woodpecker, when Sam who’s always thought of himself as King of the Tufties, spotted something even tuftier.
“Look” cried the crestfallen Sam – “there’s a ruby with the tuftiest ears I’ve ever seen – I’ll no longer be top tufty”. “Don't talk nuts” barked George, at which the little tufty hightailed it away.

Tale 20 - A Word in Your Ear

George is just back from a tour across the water, lecturing on arts and crafts - drawing on all his years of experience in this field.
His pupil Perry, was very pea-green in the art of stealing and the craft of getting away with it.
A word in his ear, and a demonstration of how to pick a pocket, and how to mount a table was part of the course, which I hear Perry passed with flying colours and put into practice the very next day by making a real exhibition of himself.


Tale 21 - The Great Snap Heist Revisited

snap Years ago when I was a young snapperwhipper, we had the decorator here, and one day I found his lunch box. I opened the lid and there were his sandwiches (known as "snap" round here) and I ate the lot. When he found what I'd done he shouted "hey he's eaten my snap", and so my exploit became known as "The Great Snap Heist". Now I'm a senior citizen, the decorator thought I wouldn't see his snap box – my old peepers not being good, but he was wrong. I found his snap again, just like the old days and set about opening the box. Sam looked on in awe – whilst Dad snapped the master in action for posterity!!