Buddy as Nelson

George as Villineuve

Sam as Hardy

The English fleet under the command of Admirable Nelson, has the combined French and Spanish fleet, under the command of Admirable Villineuve, blockaded in the port of Cadiz.

Villineuve hears news of the English fleet, and possibly because food is running short, or because of instructions from Napoleon, plots his counter move.

Meanwhile anchored in the water, and under constant attack from goldfish, Admirable Nelson and his friend Captain Hardy, await Villineuve’s next move. Nelson and Villineuve are old adversaries, so he is well aware of Nelson’s unorthodox tactics.

Hardy brings news to Nelson, the French are sailing. Nelson prepares for battle and raises the signal, “England expects every man will do his duty”

The battle rages, but Nelson leads his men from the deck.

An enemy sniper fires and the Admirable is shot. The bullet pierces his collar bone, passes through his lung and shatters his spine.

Carried below decks, Nelson knows he is dying, but hangs on for several hours until victory is secured.

He turns to his friend and whispers the immortal words – “kiss me Hardy” – Hardy kisses the Admirable who then speaks again “thank God I have done my duty”

The battle won, Nelson’s body is preserved in a barrel of brandy for the long journey home, whilst Villineuve – captured during the battle is sent to England where he is imprisoned.

The rest as they say, is history. Nelson receives a hero’s funeral and is buried in St. Paul’s Cathedral, and to this day his statue on the top of Nelson’s Column looks down on Trafalgar Square, London. Villineuve is returned to France where he dies, stabbed through the heart in suspicious circumstances, whilst Hardy goes on to have an illustrious naval career and become an Admirable himself.